Gurdwara Sahib Melaka or 'Sikh Temple Melaka' (popularly referred by the local non-Sikh population) is located in the middle of Melaka's (Malacca) historical triving business locality. The Gurdwara compound has seen massive transformations since it was constructed in 1926. During Sant Sohan Singh Ji's time, the Gurdwara Sahib consisted of a single building which housed the Darbar Sahib (Prayer Hall) and ajoining accomodation rooms.

The Gurdwara Sahib has been reconstructed but with its original architecture remaining intact.

The Sant Sohan Singh Ji Vidyala (above), which is close to the main Gurdwara has stayed very much the same since it was constructed after the demise of Sant Sohan Singh Ji in 1972. It used to house a school (Vidyala) where Sikh Youth could get training in the spiritual and social pillars of Sikhism. They would then take up duties to perform missionary work in spreading the Sikh religion to other parts of the country. This was the life long goal and mission of Sant Sohan Singh Ji.   

On entering the Main Darbar Sahib (Prayer Hall), one is amazed at the splendid decor and art work found in the interior of the Gurdwara building.

New addition to the compound is the 3 storey multipurpose building. With the contributions and sewa from the Sangat, the Management Committee has taken on projects, which looks into the comfort and caters to the necessities of the general Sangat (congregation).The building is called "Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji Complex" , it houses a huge darbar hall on the 3rd level. Domitories and classrooms on the 2nd level. It has a spacious langgar hall on the ground floor.

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